Our range of services include:

Bronze fabrication
Brass fabrication
Copper fabrication
Copper worktops
Brass trims
Architectural metalwork
Bronze windows

Handrails and Balustrades
Bespoke Driveway and Garden Gates
Metal Sculpture
Metal cladding
Bespoke Furniture

Garden Sculpture
Contemporary Metalwork
Bespoke Lighting
Commercial Planters
Large Scale one off pieces

Process & Materials

We are able to advise on and work with a large variety of metals to best suit your project. Each metal has its own distinct properties and characteristics and therefore you need the right material for the right job, whether it is visual, practical or structural.


brass-bar-corner-2Brass is a copper zinc alloy that that has enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence over the last few years, in part thanks to its increasing popularity within interior design. With its distinctive gold colour it has the ability to add a real visual impact whether as a trim or a decorative item. Patinas can be added to give the brass age or character. There are various different types of brass and a large number of extruded sections available which help make it one of the most versatile yellow metals. Traditionally fixed using mechanical methods we have also developed methods of welding brass which have allowed us to successfully produce a much wider variety of items.


Copper is the base metal and at the heart of all the yellow metal alloys. Its soft, malleable, corrosion resistant characteristics have meant it has had almost endless uses over the centuries. As with other yellow metals it can be welded and used with a variety of patinas to create distinct finishes. One of its best attributes comes when used for bar, table and work tops when the surface is left natural and unprotected. Changes in the surface colour due to oxidization, spillages and cleaning can give the copper a deep rich mottled appearance, similar to tanned leather over the course of only a few months. It also has natural anti-microbial properties which make it popular within the catering sector.


bronze-shoesBronze is a copper alloy that comes in a wide range of specifications and grades depending on which alloy metals are incorporated. Traditionally alloyed with metals such as lead, nickel and tin, there are a wide range of colours and metallurgic properties available. One of the most popular types of bronze that we use is phosphor bronze. With a colour almost identical to copper it the one of the best metals to weld and fabricate. Whilst stiffer and stronger than copper it is still soft enough to work with easily and a wide variety of colours can be produced using various patinas. Bronze is normally only available is simple drawn sections, sheets and plate.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is a much more commonly used material particularly useful because of its strength and anticorrosive properties. The surface can be left bare and is generally given either a satin or polished finish. Coming in a wide variety of sheet sizes and hollow and solid sections it can be used in a very wide range of applications. The most common types of stainless that we use are standard 304L grade and marine 316L grade. Both weld extremely well and have the same silver grey surface colour. There are also a variety of coloured stainless products available now and although it is generally more expensive and less versatile than standard stainless it does add a further dimension to what is possible.
Cor-ten is a steel copper alloy commonly used where corrosion resistance and a decorative finish is required. Known as a weathering steel Cor-ten was originally developed for areas such as the oil industry but is now commonly used by architects and sculptors. It has the very distinctive property of maintaining an even rusted surface whilst not deteriorating and corroding as steel would. Coming in various sheet sizes it can be worked and welded just like steel.

Areas Covered

We are based near the Somerset county town Taunton and cover all surrounding areas. We regularly take on projects in Devon, Dorset, Bristol and Avon, Hampshire and London.

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