Inspired Metal Ltd was born from a desire to produce metal fabrications that stepped away from the norm and could cater for those looking for something unique. After gaining a BA(hons) in Fine Art Sculpture, Simon Hebditch cut his teeth working in metal sculpture fabrication in East London for the Sculpture Factory, who he maintains close links with to this day. After a number of years gaining valuable experience he moved to the slightly more sedate location of Somerset to start building a company to his vision.

Whilst Inspired Metal Ltd still works closely with various artists and sculptors it has also diversified into a more varied field to fulfil the needs of furniture and interior designers, joiners, architects and landscape architects and designers. By being able to specialise in the fabrication of yellow metals such as brass, bronze and copper they have been able to carve out a unique and valued position within the often overcrowded and daunting field of metal fabrication.

Although always keen to develop and expand when appropriate Simon has intentionally let Inspired Metal Ltd grow naturally. Driven by an ethos that you are only as good as your last job and the best way to attract and keep new clients is by a proven track record. From humble beginnings Inspired Metal has developed a loyal and dedicated workforce and a client list that it is proud to have returning year after year.

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